Deborah Sarmir

Assistant Superintendent
Northern Valley Regional High School
162 Knickerbocker Road
United States


Deborah Sarmir is the Assistant Superintendent for the Northern Valley Regional High School District in Bergen County, New Jersey. She is a seasoned educational leader who is passionate about creating a culture of professional collaboration and support that is singularly focused on maximizing each individual student's educational experience. She possesses three decades of extensive experience in developing, designing, and implementing effective learner-centered educational programs. The majority of the nineteen years she spent in the classroom were focused on STEM, specifically the areas of math and science. Deborah’s final seven years of teaching were dedicated entirely to running replacement math programming for advanced placement students in grades 3 through 8 as both a teacher and a teacher leader/instructional coach. After leaving the classroom, Deborah transitioned into the role of an educational leader serving as a principal, a Director of Curriculum and Instruction and, for the last nine years, as an assistant superintendent in two high achieving, highly competitive New Jersey school districts. Throughout her career, she has also published a variety of educational articles and presented at both state and regional conferences.


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