Mr. Sherwin Archibald, M.B.A.H.C.M.

Claims Manager
New Jersey Schools Insurance Group


Sherwin Archibald joined NJSIG’s team in 2017 after seventeen years at Liberty Mutual Insurance, leading its Complex Claim Unit. Sherwin quickly gained an excellent reputation with NJSIG’s members, brokers and colleagues. After two years as NJSIG’s Claims Supervisor on liability claims, Sherwin became the group’s Claims Manager on July 1, 2019. Sherwin earned his MBA degree in 2006, and his business acumen has been a huge asset to the group. Collaborating closely with the Legal Department, Sherwin has developed strong performance standards for his team and has administered and ensured cost-effective and fiscal control over his unit.

Before arriving at NJSIG, Sherwin managed several departments at Liberty Mutual, including those focused on complex liability, uninsured/underinsured property and no-fault coverages. He maintained several successful vendor relationships at Liberty Mutual while successfully organizing and implementing standard work processes for the company. Sherwin was also recognized for propelling performance to unprecedented levels through hands-on leadership as well as creative training and development.


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