Doug Thompson

Chief Education Architect


Doug Thompson is a passionate storyteller, TEDx speaker, host of the Tanium Let’s Converge Podcast, and digital transformation warrior. After a 20-year stint at Microsoft he came to Tanium where he acts as the Chief Education Architect and Director, Technical Account Management. He has been involved in the Education arena for over a decade working with some of the largest K-12 and High Education institutions in the US transform the way the think and implement technology.

On a personal level he can be found sharing his passion for storytelling by sharing lessons on LinkedIn and The Doug Thompson Podcast. He believes that everyone has a story, and it is just a matter of unlocking it from the grips of the subconscious mind. Doug and his wife, of more than 40 years, enjoy spending time with their children and grandchildren whenever possible. He is also a retired triathlete and is a 2-time Ironman Triathlon finisher, and patent holder.

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