Kellee Lee Statt

Education Solutions Consultant
Realtime Information Technology
1000 Washington Street
Toms River,  
United States


Role: Education Solutions Consultant
As Realtime’s Senior Product Specialist, Kellee plays
multiple roles including being responsible for all
implementation and training for the Special Ed Module.
Kellee has implemented over 70 school districts
throughout New Jersey. She also plays a major role in
developing new special ed products and features.
Relevant Experience:
Kellee Lee Statt has been working with Realtime for
a decade and was a professional software trainer and
support analyst previously for another 10+ years prior. Her
focus has been in all the special service aspects of
Realtime since she started with Realtime in 2011 including
the Special Ed Module (SEMM) for all IEP and service
management, 504, I&RS and RTI Modules. She has worked
with and helped hundreds of districts audit their systems
and setups to stay in line with the most up to date
standards in New Jersey’s Special Ed Code, NJ State
Submissions (NJSMART), and cutting-edge software
Most recently Kellee finished designing a new Private
Special Ed School System that focuses on needs for New
Jersey’s Approved Private Schools for Students with
Disabilities (APPSSD). She designed tools such as 1to1 Aide
Tracking, Service Provider Log, Service Provider Calendar,
Related Service Management and more.
As an instructional designer and developer (IDD), Kellee
can curate and deploy even the most complicated of
training. Her Master’s in Instructional Design and
Technologies has built her foundation to do so. By using
face-2-face lectures, face-2-face hands on, asynchronous
and synchronous web-based, as well video eLearning
instructional approaches, has allowed Kellee to customize
the perfect solution of training for your district. Her Master’s
in Education helped her to understand adult learning
methods and aide the districts in consultations for
implementing better processes for their Child Study Teams.


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