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Stark Tech is an intelligent building solutions company that brings together unique applications and expertise in systems integration, building equipment, services, design engineering and building analytics.  Stark tech works with the end user to develop strategies that align with energy efficiency, indoor air quality, protective systems, and audio/visual goals with project implementation, and maintenance and service agreements that to diagnose, treat and prevent equipment failures and prolonged downtime.


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  • Stark Tech™ is expanding its core integrated solutions offerings, of master systems integration, equipment, and intelligence, to now include renewables solutions that propel Stark as a clean-tech turnkey provider.

    Stark Tech has acquired two companies recently, Glauber Equipment Corporation and Gas RNG Systems, headquartered in Lancaster, NY. Glauber Equipment offers gas compression and blower skids, biogas skids and pumps for large scale industrial and renewables applications, including a growing Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) market.  Gas RNG Systems supplies football-field-sized turnkey plants used to transform methane gas collected from landfills and biogas sites into renewable natural gas, a green energy source.

    The RNG market, according to Business Research Insights, is estimated to be worth $8 billion in 2022 globally and the market is projected to touch $72.13 billion by 2028, exhibiting a CAGR of 44 percent during the forecasted period.

    Stark Tech renamed Gas RNG Systems as Stark RNG, LLC, and Glauber Equipment will now operate as Stark Compression, LLC. Both will be led by Executive Vice President Craig Aszkler, formerly the President and Managing Director of Demag Crane and Components Corp Inc. Stark RNG & Compression currently have provided the skid based installation producing RNG over 8 Million MMBTU/year and is rapidly growing with plants located across North America.

    “As an early supplier of the RNG market, we’re aggressively investing in and expanding our resources to be able to effectively support increased customer demand across this growing market.”

    – Craig Aszkler, Executive Vice President

    Stark Tech made the decision to enter the renewables space as market trends and regulatory changes place new pressures on building owners to adopt sustainability initiatives, including investments in green technology applications.  The United States Senate passed the Inflation Reduction Act this past weekend, which will allocate billions of dollars to clean energy sources to help speed the U.S. transition away from fossil fuels.

    “This is an exciting time for Stark Tech as we grow our business and expand our abilities to provide operational and energy efficiencies to our customers. As we expand our capabilities into the renewables market, we advance our abilities to help solve energy transmission issues that occur from the electrification movement and help our customers decrease their dependency on fossil fuels.”

    – Tim Geiger, President of Stark Tech

    These strategic initiatives will enhance Stark Tech’s renewables capabilities, which also include energy management & turnkey engineering by Antares Group, a consulting and project development firm focused on renewable energy and efficiency technologies (acquired in March). In addition, Stark Tech now offers battery energy storage solutions and support for utility-scale and commercial applications. These new applications and in-house capabilities further differentiate Stark Tech as a one-stop shop turnkey provider.

    For more information, visit starktech.com

  • School administrators and staff have many priorities, and no doubt safety is at the top of the list. An increase in crime and violence on school campuses across the country have once again pushed security and protective measures to the top of every school district’s priority list. Unfortunately, in today’s world, locking doors and having an on-site security staff may not be enough to protect students and staff during emergency situations. Security cameras and CCTV, access control, visitor management, and emergency notification systems are all critically important in providing a reliable, first line of defense for school districts.

    Access Control

    Most school campuses have outdoor areas like playgrounds, laboratories, and athletic fields, and almost all school buildings have at least two points of entry. Having the proper hard and software technology is critical in protecting students and staff throughout the day, no matter where they are. Access control and visitor management systems are the first line of defense for keeping unauthorized personnel off of school grounds. However, adding security cameras and CCTV offers an extra layer of protection. Often vulnerable access and entry points can now be monitored and observed in real time, significantly decreasing emergency response time.

    Crime Prevention

    Whether it be violence, theft, or drug/vaping device usage, security cameras and chemical detection systems are effective measures to mitigate unwanted and/or illegal activities on school grounds. When strategically integrated and installed on the school’s campus, including entrances and high-risk areas like parking lots and outside restrooms, these mechanisms can be used to monitor, alert, and investigate incidences that may occur. When installed in plain sight, these solutions can also act as a deterrent, preventing incidences from happening at all.

    Student and Staff Safety and Comfort

    Security cameras provide 24/7 monitoring in high-risk areas where harassment and/or bullying often occurs, granting students and staff an extra sense of security throughout the school year. Additionally, if allegations of incidents are made, evidence can be pulled from recorded footage to confirm allegations, or prove innocence, and provide additional information to determine appropriate repercussions.

    Emergency Situations

    In the case of an emergency such as a natural disaster, fire, storm warning, or an active shooter situation, automated public address and notification systems can enhance the school’s ability to react and respond quickly. Communicating efficiently and effectively will improve the chances of a safe, calm, and timely response by both internal and external personnel (such as law enforcement). In turn, parents can feel a sense of relief that if an emergency situation were to occur, their children are in a safe and secure environment.

    School districts face emergencies almost every day, whether it is mental health emergencies, weather related, bullying related, or even violence related. No matter the event, effective, timely communication is key. Being prepared, alert, and armed with technology that helps identify and prevent risks is incredibly important for keeping students, teachers, and staff safe and protected.

    One solution alone may not be enough. It takes early prevention, open communication, on-site coordination, and fast emergency response to keep our youth safe and focused on learning. Stark Tech is a master systems integrator, customizing solutions that help improve communication and safety campus wide.

    For more information or to schedule a meeting, contact marketing@starktech.com

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